Car Log

I've written some blogging software that I use over at Club Neon I need to put some finishing touches on it, so I can use it here too.

January 2003


I still don't have my blogging software finished, but I was really wanting to write some stuff that didn't fit in exactly with the modification of the car. So I'll just write this as a static HTML document, and later split it up, and let my blog script display it. Once the script takes over, you'll be able to view by date(s), and post comments in response.

I got two books on turbocharging. Turbochargers, by Hugh MacInnes and Maximum Boost, by Corky Bell. I was told that Turbochargers, was the better book for the math side of turbocharging. While Maximum Boost was more up to date with regard to fuel injection systems. So I got them both. I'm only about a third of the way through Turbochargers, but I have already picked up a lot. I was getting bits and pieces of how to select a turbo. But this book is really pulling things together.

I've come across a few CGI applications on the web that compute things like tire size conversion, RPM/gear/differential/tire size to speed calculators, fuel injector sizing, and other useful tools to car enthusiasts. There are things I've liked and disliked about each of those applications I have found. I think as I need to do these calculations, I'll just rewrite the programs and host them here on my site. That way I'll have versions that work exactly like I want, and not have to worry about going to look for them when I need one, or having to figure out the formulas from scratch again.

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