I have never been very big into taking pictures of my car. I guess I'm afraid I'd capture it's soul or something. This will change as I progress through this project and document the work done to the car. For now all I have is the two pictures the previous owner sent me before I bought the car.




Picture taken by the previous owner before I bought the car. You can see the pin stripe and the cross piece of the luggage rack on the trunk are still there.


Another shot by the previous owner. There is nothing wrong with the front wheel, just some sort of photographic/scanning artifact.


The crazy guy responsible for this project.


As she sits now. Not too bad for having met a deer at 60 MPH. It is hard to see but there is some paint chipped from the center of the bumper.


A close up of the driver side light that won't close all the way. Also the dimple in the hood, and missing FTP lens.


The trunk lid where the previous owner thought since screws wouldn't hold, it would be a good idea to glue the luggage rack on.


The other side. This was lost during a little spirited driving. It wasn't holding very well when I got the car anyway.


Something missing here. Gave the right muffler to a fellow RX-7 owner who needed it.


Ahhh... The 20B, front side. So large only part could be in focus. (Not really, just the low light of the garage wasn't agreeing with the camera.)


1, 2, 3 rotors, and a mess of wires. Got to clean things up a little bit. It wasn't until I looked at this picture that I noticed the pressure sensor in there. Can you find it?


Automatic fly wheel, and I see a turbo.


O2 sensor sticking out of the heat shield hiding the goodies. The hose hanging nearest the camera, goes into a "T" towards the top of the engine. That "T" is broken. I believe it connects the blow off valves back into the intake. But the third leg of the "T", that is hanging, I'm not sure where it went. Shouldn't be that hard to replace.


3 rotor, sequential twin turbo. Plus a broken nipple on the thremo wax. This one will be a little harder to fix. I'll either tap it and install a new nipple, or just rid myself of the thermo wax completely.


Got to clean that paper left from the address label from the intake manifold off a little better. That manifold looks like a hand, a large, six fingered, hand.


Top view. Just making sure everyone knows that this is a 3 ROTOR.


The throttle body looking as it arrived at BDC's place.


Did anyone watch Lexx on the Scifi Channel? Doesn't the TB look like 790?


So shiney. I'll have to polish the outside of it too, no sense in having only parts people can't see be nice looking.


I'm not sure how much it will improve performance, but it sure looks fast. I think the biggest change comes from removing the secondary plates, this is just doing the job right.







Once the car starts, I want to make some audio clips of it running available. I know I love to listen to rotary engines purr, but it is so hard to find audio files on the Internet.

Also a friend and I are going to be shooting all the serious work on Mini-DV which once the project is done we are going to make available on DVD. I'll be taking some of the clips and putting them here for download.

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